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Sudoku App vs. Printable Sudoku

~8 min read
  • Free Easy Sudoku Puzzles App vs. Printable Sudoku
  • People who haven’t played Sudoku or played only printable Sudoku doubt if they can keep up with the Sudoku app. Playing online Sudoku is a bit different from the traditional form as you need to get used to the new format of the game, but many interactive features, daily challenges, and hints make your experience more fun and existing.

    Today we want to put hand-in-hand Sudoku app level easy with easy Sudoku printable to help you understand the core differences.

    But first… Sudoku game rules

    Here is your little reminder on how to play free easy Sudoku puzzles:

    • You fill the cells with numbers from 1 to 9 in the Sudoku 3x3 easy or Sudoku 4x4 easy grid.
    • The numbers go in 9 squares, 3x3 each, so there are 9 cells in each row, column, and small square.
    • The same digit can't be used in more than one column, line, or a small square of free Sudoku easy.

    Sudoku game easy gets harder if there are already some numbers given in the cells.

    Sudoku Pro App Level Easy vs. Easy Sudoku Printable

    Many users who haven’t tried playing Sudoku Pro wonder if free on line Sudoku easy is better than NYT Sudoku easy in printable form. To help you understand what is behind each form of the easybrain Sudoku and choose which one is better for you, we gathered the main differences.

    • Printable Sudoku easy with answers is a more traditional form of the game and is what many people are just used to.
    • Web Sudoku easy level is free and can be installed on any device, but you need to get used to a new game form.
    • You don’t need to spend on free web Sudoku easy, if you are afraid that you won’t like the game. There are hundreds of grids available for free. While to play printable Sudoku you need to buy a special magazine.
    • Sudoku puzzle easy level in app form is easy to access and you don’t need to carry anything with you, as the application is always with you, when you want to kill time waiting in line or during a long commute.
    • Sudoku Pro app provides daily challenges, hints feature, a going back option, and many other interactive features that you can’t find in printable form.

    The bottom line—Sudoku online or Printable Sudoku?

    Sudoku app is definitely a better choice as it still keeps all of the benefits of the printable version, yet adds more advantages to the experience. Besides, if you were interested in the easy level and realize it’s too easy for you you can switch to medium Sudoku for free, with no need to throw away a printable Sudoku magazine.

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