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OmiPlay team is a game developing company based in Ukraine. Together we are the creators of puzzles and logic games, which are distinguished by a thoughtful and modern interfaces

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About Omiplay

We are a team of dreamers who have come together to create the best games that are fun first and foremost. We believe that when we love what we do, others will love what we do.

We are an offshoot of the OmiSoft team, which was founded in 2017 and is a professional product development company. Therefore, we have adopted their best practices and continue to exchange experience.

We are the developers of puzzles and logic games such as Play Sudoku, Spider, Spider Solitaire and others.

After the Russian attack on Ukraine,

we found ourselves in a difficult situation.

Our team spent most of the time in bunkers, while ours cities were destroyed by Russian missiles. Most of us live in Kyiv and the Kyiv region, which was under the occupation of the Russian army between February and April 2022.

All Ukrainian cities are destroyed by Russian missiles everyday. The enemy is hitting civilian infrastructure and committing a real genocide of the Ukrainian people.

To distract from this, part of the team started writing educational toys. This is how the OmiPlay team was formed.

So far, we have already managed to release our first game - SudokuPro.app, and started working on the next project.


Residential Building after Russian bombs.
Borodyanka, Kyiv region, Ukraine


Protective Structure on Independence Square in Kyiv, Ukraine

Our games

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Sudoku.Pro App

A classic Sudoku game for beginners to advanced players. The game will help you spend time with pleasure. Train your brain and logic with SudokuPro.app

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Sudoku icon

Spider Solitaire

Spider Solitaire - the original rules of one of the most popular classic card games, together with a nice design and a set of convenient functions.

Under Development...technolohist icon
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